Reservation Policies

General Conditions 

ISLAZUL assumes the following obligations:

Delivering tourist services in hotel facilities with the demanded quality and according to the category of the facilities, billing to the agreed prices. 

ISLAZUL will send the confirmation of the reservations once the payment is successfully made.

When ISLAZUL cannot accommodate the tourist in the initially agreed facilities due to any eventuality, it will be able to do it in other of the same or superior category that belongs to the Islazul Hotel Group or other Cuban Hotel Group. 

The client will be responsible of getting the card and/or entrance permit, as well as the extensions to stay in the Republic of Cuba. Expenses and consequences that come from it are on the traveler. 


The reception of tourists at the ISLAZUL tourist facilities is at 16:00 hours (check in) and 12:00 hours (check out).

In case of early departures, the 100% of the nights that are left will be refunded. 


Islazul is excluded from the civil responsibility to the client for the following damages:

The client’s failure to fulfill the Cuban laws and the established security regulations, both in the hotel facilities and while using the means of transportation. 

Damages outside the hotel facilities.


Sharing a room with adults:

Children of up to 2 years old: free of charge.

In a room with adults (2): as long as they share the bed, the accommodation and meals are free.

In a room with adult (1): as long as they share the bed, the accommodation and meals are free.


Exempting circumstances are those that happen after the service has been paid and that prevent its partial or total fulfillment, as a consequence of extraordinary, unpredictable and independent events from the parts’ will, such as: wars, strikes, natural disasters declared catastrophic that prevent the arrival or departure of the client(s) or their transportation within Cuban territory; denial, cancellation or suspension of any permit or required license granted by sanitary or aeronautical authorities; broken or damaged planes used to transport the client to or from Cuba, as long as it happens after the services have been paid and force their cancellation.

The part unable to fulfill the obligation will immediately communicate with ISLAZUL and will send via e-mail, within the following seven (7) natural days, what follows:

-Beginning date of the event, possible duration, nature, consequences and any other aspect considered among the alleged force majeure circumstances in the country of the parts that hired the service.

If the period of the force majeure event exceeds two (2) uninterrupted months, the parts will get together to examine all the possibilities, with the purpose of finding a solution and according how many measures, terms and conditions are necessary to solve the detected situation. 


The complaints must be made by writing at the facilities before your departure.

The part that receives the complaint must examine it and give an answer within the seven (7) days that follow the notification.

ISLAZUL does not accept complaints from the client for situations that happened in Cuba, if these are not presented directly by the client and always before the departure of the client, with the proper documental evidence of the inconformity. In order to make the complaint is obligatory for the client not to accept a monetary compensation from the hotel.

Complaints due to indemnifications for damages to the tourist or his/her property inside the ISLAZUL facilities will be made as previously described.


The client must get an Insurance Policy that protects his/her trip to and from Cuba, as well as his/her stay in the country and outside the Islazul Hotel Facilities.

Payment Conditions:

By using this website, the user accepted these reservation and payment terms and conditions.

The hotel bookings require payment in advance. The charge will be made to your credit card at the moment of making your reservation.

Upon arrival the client must show the document that confirms the reservation and payment for the services about to receive. 

Cancellation Policy and Discounts

•    Cancellations made more than 3 days before the arrival are subject to a 5% fee of the total amount of the stay.
•    Cancellations made 3 days before the arrival are subject to a 10% fee of the total amount of the stay.
•    Cancellations made 2 days before the arrival are subject to a 15% fee of the total amount of the stay.
•    Cancellations made 1 day before the arrival are subject to a 20% fee of the total amount of the stay.
•    No show: subject to a % equivalent to 1 night. If the reservation is just for one night, the full night will be charged.


Contacting us via e-mail at:  


Step 1 – Search.

Enter your search criteria in the search engines, according to your travel dates, destination, number of travelers, etc.

Step 2 – Selection. 

In the results page, click in the button “Add” on the hotel you want to book.

Step 3 – Confirmation.

You’ll see a summary of the booked services along with the reservation code that you must use to modify or cancel your reservation.
For each reservation you’ll receive a confirmation E-Mail with all the info of your reservation, including the total cost and reservation code. Please print this Confirmation E-Mail to show it at the hotel. For the services, you’ll receive a confirmation document from the provider (electronic ticket, voucher, etc.).

Terms and Conditions for Auto Rental


By using this website, the user accepts these reservation and prepayment terms and conditions.

1.    The user is free to use this website and the benefits that it offers and allows in a personalized way.
2.    At the moment the service starts, REX will guarantee the vehicle’s category. Specific brands and models are subject to availability at the moment or renting the vehicle. 
3.    The person that makes the reservation is the only one with the right to own the car leasing contract at the beginning of the service. The owner must give his/her ID documents and comply with the demanded requirements by REX to drive the vehicle.
4.    The reservation holder must be present at the REX sales office when the service begins. Any additional driver that the holder wants to add must be present and show the necessary documents to be included.
5.    The requirements demanded by REX to drive the vehicle are:

a)    Being at least 21 years old (25 years in the Sports category)
b)    Have a valid driver’s license that allows driving the vehicle that has been booked and that endorses at least one years of experience. 

6.    The payment made on this website can only be used in the requested and confirmed reservation. The payment confirmation made through this website cannot be transferred to other service or person to the established as a reservation holder.
7.    As you’re making a reservation on this website, you authorize REX, through the operator that REX chooses, to charge your credit card for the amount shown in your reservation.
8.    The reservation confirmation will be made once the payment has been fully made.
9.    When paying through this website, the user is paying the car rental but not the damage insurance of the reserved category for the amount of days and the airport charge in case the vehicle is taken at a REX office located in an airport. Such payments will be made in cash at the moment of making the contract with REX.
10.     The reservation holder must pay the corresponding charges for the gas in the tank of the vehicle, the charges for additional drivers, the guarantee deposit and the drop-off charge in case the vehicle isn’t returned at the same territory where the service started at the REX sales offices. 
11.    All the charges and payments from additional services and benefits not included in the reservation made through the website will be paid directly at the REX sales offices when the service begins. 
12.    Any changes made to the reservation can affect the price of the requested service and therefore, require additional payments or refunds. The changes that lead to this price modification will have to be made at least three (3) days before the service begins.  
13.    Modification in a confirmed reservation are subject to the following restrictions:

a)    If the user cancels the reservation at least 72 hours prior the date when the service begins, REX will apply a cancellation fee of one (1) day of service, which will be deducted from the total amount paid at the moment of making the refund. 
b)    If the service is cancelled due to no show in the first 24 hours from the moment the reservation was made, or for the holder’s decision to show at the REX Sales Office, REX will apply a cancellation fee of one (1) day of service, which will be deducted from the refund of the cancelled service. 
14.    The car rental will be subject to the standard general conditions of the RED leasing contract valid in the day and hour of the car rental. The drivers’ minimum age as well as the requirements demanded to drive a REX vehicle can suffer changes in function of the category of the vehicle.
15.    The daily damage fee that the client pays fully exonerates him/her in case of accident, as long as there are no violations of the contractual terms. Damages and/or loses of parts and accessories are not covered if there’s no police report and must be paid by the client to REX.
16.    The leasing days are established in periods of 24 hours counting from the moment of the pickup. Charges for additional days will apply when the REX vehicles are kept for longer than initially booked (considering one more day when the REX vehicles are kept longer than was originally agreed (it’s considered one day more when at least 3 hours after the agreed hour to return the vehicle have passed) and will be charged according to the valid public rate.
17.    Additional payments generated at the moment of receiving the car will be made according to the public rate valid at the moment of the operation.
18.    If the user of this website is considered persona non grata due to a violation of the Cuban laws or by criteria of REX, he/she won’t be able to enjoy the REX services, even after having booked and paid through this website.
19.     If the user declared persona non grata books and pays and shows at the REX sales offices to enjoy the booked and paid service, this will be denied and the price paid will be refunded, charging one (1) day of rent.